Murder mistery weekends

Murder mistery weekends

If you want to test your investigative skills, if you love detective novels or if you want to spend an unusual weekend, our hotel will give you the chance to do that.

Torre Santa Flora has been the first murder house since 1996. It originality is the “weekend with murder” and the fact that you will be the very protagonist of its thrilling story.

The detective story starts inside our restaurant where you can have some of our typical dishes and other home made products. This is a very funny occasion: you can meet new people and spend an evening in other detective story lovers’ company.

At the beginning you are given some simple clues and you have the chance of familiarizing with your own detective reasoning. All the members of a single team have to cooperate to get the right solution. You will suspect of everyone. During the role-play game you will shadow hypothetical murderers, you will give true or false clues and you will question the suspects.

These two days will be full of emotions, suspense, dramatic turn of events till the end. At midnight, as the best tradition, the director will give you the right solution, naturally only after all the teams having given their clues. The team who solves the murder will win the prize.

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