Wellness Privé “La Grotta”

Our Spa had been a cave for ages. Our wellness privé Torre Santa Flora is the best choice for people who love spending romantic and relaxing moments. Inside the Spa there is a whir-pool bath with color therapy, a Turkish bath with thalassotherapy and an emotional shower.

During your wellness treatments you can enjoy some herbal tea tasting.

Cost for person: 40.00€

Duration: 1h .

For our guests who stays the night, a special tour will be reserved.

Massages and treatments in our Villa.

Relaxing massage with olive oil

Duration 50 min € 55,00

A relaxing massage with natural ingredients for a well hydrated, soft and elastic skin. This particular massage will give you a deep sensation of wellness, a new stimulating energy for your psychical efficiency.

Ayurveda massage

Duration 50 min € 70,00

The ancient science of Ayurveda was born in India 5000 years ago. For this massage a special biological sesame oil is used to make you relax.

Daishido massage

Duration 50 min € 60,00

A bio-energetic massage ideal to relax and regenerate your body and mind.

Hot Stone massage

Duration 50 min € 70,00

In the Hot Stone Massage we use hot stones in various shape, size and weight. Those stones are laid down your cold body and you will enjoy a delightful sensation of warmth.

Aromatic massage with essential oils

Duration 50 min € 60,00

Our guests can choose their favourite essence, that will be mixed with almond oil in order to guarantee a mental and physic relaxation.

Shiatsu massage

Duration 50 min € 70,00

The Shiatsu treatment was born in Japan. Finger pressure is used to help people relax and cope with stress, muscle pain, anxiety, hypertension and other everyday problems.

Moisturizing face care

Duration 50 min € 60,00

This treatment is made with essential oils, thanks to their essence and their scent you will be able to relax and have a tonic and bright face.